The P & C Hickinbotham Charitable Trust

The P & C Hickinbotham Charitable trust was established in 1947. It has a strong Quaker background. It supports a wide range of projects - disability, social depravation, homelessness, substance and alcohol abuse, prisoner education and rehabilitation, asylum and immigration issues, rehabilitation of prostitutes, the arts, cultural projects, historical projects, youth, community development, environmental and more. We are unable to support individuals or any group that does not have charitable status.

We give preference to applications from groups working in Leicestershire and Rutland along with a small number of applications from North Wales or Northern Ireland. Very occasionally we will support projects outside these areas. Grants tend to range from £250 to £1,000 although we have no upper set limit for very special applications.

We do not normally support applications for every day running expenses. We prefer to support specific projects such as the purchase of specialist equipment, contributions towards the purchase of new premises or the renovation of a building, contributions towards the start up costs of a new post and other one off costs. We do not make regular repeat grants. In general we do not support the larger, high profile national charities unless they have a project specific to our area of interest.

When making an application please always include a full postal address, a contact email address, details of any applicable website, a contact telephone number, your charity registration number and instructions as to who any cheque should be made payable to.

Trustees review applications on a regular basis but it generally takes 8-10 weeks to view an application and reach a decision. We regret that we are unable to write to unsuccessful applicants to inform them of our decision. If you have not heard from us within 12 weeks of applying it is probable that your application has been unsuccessful.


Catherine Hickinbotham
Roger Hickinbotham
Rachel Hickinbotham
Anna Steiger
Charlotte Palmer
Frances Hickinbotham
Millie Hickinbotham

For further information, please write to:
Roger Hickinbotham
9 Windmill Way
Lyddington, Oakham LE15 9LY